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On our day-off we went to Elba’s largest city, Portoferraio (meaning “Iron Port” in Italian). During the 19th century, iron mills allowed the town to quickly expand. We arrived at 10 am while the city was still kind of sleepy on this Saturday morning. Luckily, on the drive here no one became sick – the streets here are crazy and the number of tight corners and ups and downs are too much for some stomachs. Maybe it also didn’t help that Sven was driving like he was born here. In Portoferraio itself we split up into a few groups, each of which explored the town at their own pace. Some motivated pupils went to Napoleon’s residence, which is also located in Portoferraio. The beach in Portoferraio is rather nice, the crystal-clear waters make up for the lack of sand and presence of only pebbles. Interestingly, we didn’t spot any plastic on the side facing the main land, but when we went to the old harbour, fortified by the Medici, it was quite the opposite: there was plenty of it everywhere. On our way back to Fetovaia we passed the local supermarket and went hunting so we could feed our barbeque with charcoal and then ourselves with a variety of meat, fish and vegetables. Short blog entry today — sorry, not sorry —steak is ready.